Cook mixing cake batter in a glass bowl with whisk
The Sweet Pantry Staple That'll Give Boring Boxed Cake Mix A Spin
Boxed cake mixes are easy to put together quickly, and there are plenty of ways to elevate a plain cake into a delicious dessert. One great option is graham crackers.
Graham crackers add a blend of sweetness and subtle nuttiness, which infuses the cake with a warm and comforting essence. The crackers go well with almost any flavor of cake.
You get the satisfying crunch of graham crackers if you use them to garnish the cake as well. Simply prepare your mix as usual, but mix in crushed graham crackers before baking.
You can crush the crackers to a consistency that you prefer, but using fine crumbs will give the cake's crumb a soft and consistent texture. Larger pieces work well on the top.
Try adding a touch of cinnamon or ingredients like chocolate chips, caramel, and toasted nuts to your cake to further enhance the sweet, warm, and nostalgic graham cracker flavor.