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The Sweet Ingredient To Take Your Steak Fajitas To The Next Level
Fajitas are one of the most popular Tex-Mex dishes in the U.S., and many fans believe that this dish of sizzling peppers and onions in a warm tortilla is best when paired with juicy sliced steak. To make great fajitas at home, try adding this sweet secret ingredient when cooking your steak for a deeply delicious outcome.
You might associate brown sugar with baked goods, but this ingredient also adds a special sweet and salty touch to many savory recipes. Besides barbecue sauce and jerk chicken, brown sugar can bring out a steak’s smoky flavor and help the meat achieve a crispy and caramelized crust, all the better to use in your fajitas.
Brown sugar can also have a tenderizing effect on steak when used in a seasoning rub. For the best results, America's Test Kitchen recommends adding a teaspoon of brown sugar to your usual spice mix before rubbing the seasonings onto the meat and cooking up your favorite steak fajita recipe as normal.