Grilled chicken thighs and drumsticks with sweet honey glaze
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The Sweet Ingredient To Elevate Roast Chicken Thighs
Chicken thighs are simple to prepare, take on any flavor they're cooked with, and make for a satisfying weeknight meal that tastes like the weekend. While most chicken thigh dishes gravitate towards a savory sauce, there's one sweeter ingredient that could really take your dish over the top with the classic pairing of sweet and meaty.
Strawberry jam makes for a perfect sweet and tangy component to a savory dish, and chicken thighs are no exception. Pairing strawberry jam with balsamic vinegar is already a match made in heaven, but by throwing that combination into a chicken thigh skillet dish, you can get something complex, fruity, meaty, and delicious.
The sugar in the jam also helps the thighs caramelize to a perfect golden brown, so you should avoid sugar-free jams, and it’s best to find preserves that aren't too chunky for a silky-smooth consistency in the final dish. You can add the jam to a marinade, cook it into a savory glaze, or pour it straight onto your chicken before baking.