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The Sweet Ingredient That's Key For Making Coffee Creamer At Home
Store-bought coffee creamer can cost a lot and often isn't great for your body, with a big sugar overload. Making your own coffee creamer at home is a great alternative solution.
Making coffee creamer doesn't take much more than heavy cream and a sweetener, and the sweetener you'll find in most recipes is one you may already have in your pantry.
Using sweetened condensed milk makes for a creamy and perfectly sweet coffee creamer. Canned condensed milk is heated to remove excess water, creating a thick and rich product.
Non-sweetened evaporated milk also works, but you’ll have to add another sweetener like sugar. Either way, these products offer the satisfying texture you expect from a creamer.
Once you've mastered a basic creamer recipe, you can add flavorings like pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, almond extract, or Irish Cream to imitate your favorite store-bought brands.