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The Sweet Ingredient That Will Change Your Whipped Cream Forever
One can argue that every dessert is better when topped with a little whipped cream. While whipped cream from a can is in no way un-tasty, there's something special about the homemade stuff, and you can add whichever flavors or extras you like, including this secret ingredient.
Recipe developer Sher Castellano's secret weapon for delicious whipped cream is honey, plus a pinch of fine sea salt and a bit of vanilla extract. Add these three ingredients and whip the cream as usual until it forms stiff peaks, and then enjoy it with your favorite dessert.
Sweetening whipped cream with delicate honey ensures that the creamy topping won't taste flat, but won't overpower the flavors of your desserts, either. Adding a pinch of fine sea salt also balances out the sweetness of the honey and helps lend structure to the whipped cream.