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The Sweet History Of Chocolate In Advent Calendars
The countdown to Christmas is always exciting and there’s no better way to do so than with a chocolate advent calendar. The first advent calendar, though, didn’t have chocolates in it, instead, it had hidden little pictures and was marketed in Germany in 1908, per History; later, advent calendars contained Bible verses.
Although there’s no exact timing for when chocolates were added to the calendars, History says it could have been in the second half of the '50s. The idea caught on in 1971 when Cadbury began mass-producing advent calendars with little chocolate Santas, but it wasn’t until the ‘90s that Cadbury’s continuously manufactured them.
Since then, a variety of chocolate makers have produced advent calendars, including Godiva, Lindt, Williams Sonoma, and Harry & David. These days, however, you can find other fun treats in advent calendars, too, from little bottles of wine to cat treats to Lego figurines, and even Dolly Parton-themed ones.