King Charles at Coronation
The Sweet And Spicy Coronation Trifle From A Michelin-Starred Chef
The Coronation of King Charles included a special dessert: a Coronation trifle, a riff on the classic English dessert put together by Michelin-starred chef Adam Handling.
A classic trifle is made with layers of liquor-soaked sponge cake, custard, fruit, jelly, and cream. For the Coronation, Handling created a ginger-spiced version.
Handling’s trifle used a ginger-spiced loaf cake called Yorkshire parkin, complemented by ginger-infused custard and finished with fresh strawberries.
The ginger cake in the trifle may have deeper significance. The Yorkshire parkin has working-class origins that align with Charles’ goal of a more “accessible” monarchy.
The in-season strawberries may also be a nod to the King’s dedication to environmental sustainability. However, whether the King played a hand in the recipe or not is unknown.