Pizza with blue cheese, honey and pear slices on a gray background.
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The Sweet And Spicy Condiment You Should Drizzle On Pizza
When you have a slice of pizza that tastes a bit underwhelming, there’s no limit to the different condiments you can use to enhance its flavor. Most pizza fans are no stranger to dipping sauces like ranch and marinara, but there’s another sweet and spicy sauce that’s been exploding in popularity in pizzerias across the U.S.
Spicy hot honey makes the perfect pizza topping, since the chili peppers cut through the richness of the sauce and cheese, while the sweet honey counters the saltiness of toppings like pepperoni. Drizzling hot honey on pizza is a practice that can be traced to Mike Hurtz, who was inspired by a Brazilian pizzeria that used the topping.
Hurtz brought the idea back to Brooklyn and founded Mike’s Hot Honey, perhaps the most popular commercial brand of hot honey that has inspired a host of other eateries. This sweet and spicy condiment can also be used on cheese plates, whisked into dressings, stirred into cocktails, or drizzled over roasted vegetables.