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The Sweet And Simple Way To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy
Many of us will have a lot of extra Halloween candy on our hands come November 1, and eating the same treats over and over can get monotonous. TODAY recommends donating extra candy as a good option, but for the candy you decide to keep, try transforming it into everyone’s favorite dessert: ice cream.
Serious Eats says that adding Halloween candy to an ice cream base is a great way to put a twist on leftovers, so long as you follow a few rules. Avoid hard and gummy candies, which can become tough or even sharp when frozen; any candy with chocolate, caramel, malted nougat, or other soft ingredients is a good fit.
You can either smash the candy into pieces and add them to pre-made ice cream from your freezer, or add candy to the mix when making your favorite homemade ice cream. Food writer Leigh Anne Wilkes suggests soaking half of the chopped candy in milk before churning and adding the rest at the end to maximize flavor.