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The Sweet Addition That Will Change Your Hard Boiled Eggs Forever
Making hard-boiled eggs requires nothing more than a boiling pot of water and dropping in a still-shelled egg. It is an easy and safe breakfast option, yet something more tasty and sweet can be added to its simplicity.
Chef Alvin Cailan of Eggslut in Los Angeles invented the egg brûlée, which involves topping cooked eggs with sugar that has been blowtorched. What began as an experiment became a full-blown recipe capable of turning yolks sweet and caramelized à la their inspiration.
To make egg brûlée at home, boil eggs for five and a half minutes, submerged in what Cailan dubs "roaring water" to release the shell from the whites. Once the eggs are ready, peel, halve, and salt them, then dust the top with sugar and a torch.