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The Sweet Addition That Will Change Your Banana Bread Forever
The ripening process of bananas can be unpredictable; a freshly-purchased bunch can go from stiff and starchy to overripe in a matter of days. The best use for bananas past their prime is to add them to banana bread, but if you do this a lot and find average banana bread ho-hum, try adding this sweet ingredient.
Maple syrup adds a rich flavor to your banana bread that compliments the natural sweetness of the fruit, and it's easy to drizzle into your batter. Make sure to buy real maple syrup, rather than imitation stuff, for the best results; of course, there are also many delicious varieties to choose from in the world of authentic maple syrup.
Try adding some punchy flavor by using a bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup; we recommend bottles from Silloway Maple in Vermont. Their syrup's smooth, oaky complexity will shine through in banana bread, and other additions like cream cheese or chocolate chips can make your bread delicious as well.