Ina Garten smiling and signing a book
The Sweet Addition Ina Garten Uses For The Juiciest Baked Ham
Celebrity chef Ina Garten turns to orange marmalade to create a sweet glaze for her ham, and it could easily be included on the list of Garten's best comfort food dishes.
The recipe featured in her "Go-To Dinners" book includes a glaze that blends orange marmalade, Dijon mustard, and Port wine, balancing sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors.
To prepare the ham, Garten lets it sit at room temperature for an hour and removes the dark outer layer, keeping the fat for moisture.
She scores the fat for better flavor absorption and texture, then roasts the ham with pineapple juice to make your ham sticky, which will help the marmalade glaze adhere better.
When you're ready, pour the glaze over your ham. This process ensures the ham remains moist, sweet, and juicy, making it an ideal centerpiece for dinner or cocktail parties.