Swedish candy Marianne against a zodiac background
The Swedish Candy That Coordinates With Your Zodiac Sign
Aries have a competitive streak, so it makes sense that the Swedish candy for this sign would also have to be the best: Dumble Original, which are chocolate-covered caramels.
Tauruses take their earth sign nature literally, remaining calm and cool in all situations. That's why they'd be skumantereller, a name that literally describes its shape and form.
Translating to "foamy chantarelle," shumantereller candies come in the form of tiny mushrooms. Made from marshmallows, they are chewy and sweet.
Often symbolized by an image of two masks, Geminis can be both sour and sweet, which makes them a Swedish candy called supersurts.
Swedish for "super sour," the chewy gummy candies are shaped like flat disks, with large S letters imprinted on the center. They come in an array of tropical flavors.
Cancers care for the emotions of loved ones as if they were their own, so their Swedish candy is one that represents how soft (yet not soft) they can be: sockerbitar.
These Swedish marshmallows are small, square, and cute, but a lot chewier than expected, which only goes to show that you shouldn't underestimate these signs.
Leos have a star quality and love the limelight. As you get to know them, this only becomes more apparent, as does the Swedish candy they'd be: Citron-apelsin klyftors.
These hard candies come in the shape and flavor of either orange or lemon. Pre-sliced and pre-peeled, these candies bring that pure, peak-season citrus flavor.