Three diners picking up sushi off a sushi board with chopsticks
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The Sushi Rolls You Should Always Keep For The End Of The Meal
Types of sushi are best served in an order where the flavor intensity gradually increases, so as to not overwhelm the palette. This means that richer fish should be saved for last.
By saving sweeter sushi rolls and pieces like anago (eel) and custard-like tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) for last, your palate won't be dulled by sugar early on in the meal.
Bold tastes (sweet or otherwise) can desensitize the taste buds, which ruins your ability to taste more delicate and subtle fish. This is why more mild sushi should be served first.
Strongly-flavored sushi accouterments like soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger are an essential part of the meal, but they should also be enjoyed sparingly to not overwhelm the fish.