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The Superstitious Reason People Eat Pork On New Year's Day
Holidays come with traditions and superstitions passed down from generation to generation. The New Year, particularly, is a highly symbolic time for many people, and with that comes practices such as lighting candles, making resolutions, or kissing once the clock strikes midnight.
One of the traditions some people practice is consuming pork on New Year's Day, which Reader's Digest says brings good luck. The belief is that since pigs root forward when looking for food, they symbolize moving forward into the following year.
Swiss National Museum claims that pork was, and still is, considered a symbol of great luck and prosperity, making it the perfect food to indulge in this holiday. If you want to incorporate pork into your New Year's dinner plans, try making a slow-cooker pork loin roast or some pan-seared pork chops.