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The Super Simple Way To Upgrade Your Grilled Corn
Of all the different ways to prepare corn, nothing beats the nice char and savory depth of a good grilling. However, many people forget the benefit of brining the corn beforehand, which not only makes the kernels plumper and juicier, but seasons the corn, especially if you infuse the brine with other flavors such as star anise, cumin, or ginger.
One easy way to upgrade your next batch of corn on the cob is to start with a brine, but if it’s left in the mixture for too long, it will cause the kernels to become dry and hard instead of juicy and flavorful. A great way to enhance this brining method is with a post-grill brine dip, which is commonly used by street vendors in Iran.
Chef and cookbook author Andy Baraghani recommends grilling the corn for 8 to 12 minutes, flipping it frequently to prevent over-burning, and then dipping it into a well-salted brine. My Persian Kitchen suggests using a tall pitcher to make it simple to completely submerge each ear of corn.