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The Super Crispy Way To Use Up Leftover Potato Skins
Preparing potatoes often involves a lot of peeling, leaving a mound of unwanted skins on the cutting board when you’re done. However, these skins shouldn’t be thrown away, and to help cut down on food waste, you can turn this highly nutritious part of the potato into a crisp, tasty snack called potato skin chips.
Potato grower Simon Moltoni says he likes to make potato skin chips seasoned with a little oil and salt, then crisped up in the air fryer. Red Drummond offers a recipe for oven-roasting the skins, which involves seasoning them with salt, pepper, paprika, and oregano, adding butter and oil, and baking at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes.
Consider topping your chips with sautéed minced garlic, sour cream, or bacon, and serve them with chives and salt. Sweet potato skins also benefit from this treatment when combined with olive or grapeseed oil and coarse salt, before baking them and adding toppings like maple syrup or dried rosemary.