Raw shrimp in a bowl on white background
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The Succulent Prawns To Try If You're A Fan Of Buttered Lobster
The spot prawn or pandalus platyceros is a member of the shrimp family, but has a very similar taste to lobster, and is even known as "the lobster of Alaska." These shrimp average in size around 10.5 inches, are easily identifiable by their red, coral-toned shell, and white spots on their body, and can indeed satisfy your lobster craving.
Spot prawns are fished off the coasts of California, Alaska, the Sea of Japan, and the Korean Strait, using the gentle methods of traps and trawling nets. They cost a bit more than standard shrimp and have a similar flavor, but with the buttery texture and sweetness of lobster, and you can cook them in sauce, on the grill, and more.
Something to keep in mind is that you'll either want to cook spot prawns live or quickly twist off their heads before cooking, as they decompose very quickly after dying. They're also high in sodium, but if you're not salt-sensitive and up for a seafood treat, find these prawns in stores on the U.S. west coast, or online if you live elsewhere.