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The Stunning Numbers Behind US Canned Tuna Consumption
When you think of popular American foods, canned tuna may not come to mind, but these little cans are an enduringly popular staple for their convenience, affordability, and high amounts of protein and vitamins. Tuna fish is one of the U.S.’s most-consumed seafoods, and the statistics of canned tuna consumption will surprise you.
According to a National Fisheries Institute survey, roughly 88% of American households dine on canned tuna, with nearly half of that percentage eating it every month. Additionally, 23% of consumers eat canned tuna weekly, 40% dig in at least two times a month, 29% eat a can once a month, and 10% eat canned tuna once every three months.
Much of canned tuna's popularity has to do with its versatility; while 45% of voters say they eat canned tuna as-is, many of us enjoy turning it into sandwiches, salads, or tuna noodle casserole. The National Fisheries Institute also reports that the European Union is the only entity that beats out the U.S. in canned tuna fish consumption.