Chef Gordon Ramsay
The Straightforward Advice Gordon Ramsay Has For Young Chefs Facing Burnout
From “Hell’s Kitchen” to “Kitchen Nightmares,” Ramsay is no stranger to the demanding culinary world, and he offered advice to young chefs on navigating burnout.
In a Reddit AMA, a young chef said, "My hopes and dreams are nowhere to be found” while dealing with the long hours and thankless job, asking," How do you deal with it?"
Ramsay responded with reassurance and tenderness, saying, “After getting my a– kicked in some of the best restaurants in the world. I took some time off.”
Ramsay worked as a private chef on a yacht, “Those 6-9 months off allowed me to regenerate,” but he was clear that while a break is good, giving up is not an option.
Ramsay continued, "Never give up. But don't be scared to take a break. I did it myself […] It confirms what you've learned […] It shows how strong you are."
Ramsay’s advice is powerful for all young chefs as well as all professionals who need reassurance in their skills within their chosen field.