Croque Madame sandwich
The Store-Bought Swap For The Best Croque Madame Sandwich
A croque madame comprises slices of crusty white bread layered with ham, cheese, bechamel, and a fried egg. However, swapping bread with croissant can give it the ultimate upgrade.
Croissants will be the buttery foundation that'll elevate the savory goodness of other ingredients. Plus, croissants are famous French pastries, so you won't lose any authenticity.
Since a flaky, delicate croissant won't hold up under the weight of all the ingredients, flatten and sear it in the skillet you would've used to grill the crusty bread.
Smashing the croissant will condense the flakey layers into a crispy foundation with the help of butter and honey. As a bonus, you can even use leftover croissants for this recipe.
Whether they're dried out or weighed down by humidity, smashing and toasting them in butter will revive them into the crispiest, lightest croque madame sandwich bread.