Japanese curry with rice
The Store-Bought Shortcut For Swift Japanese-Style Curries
Japanese curry is a savory, stew-like dish with a complex spice mixture at its base. It's usually slightly sweeter and much less hot than the South Asian curries it evolved from.
While you can make Japanese curry from homemade spice mixes and a thickening roux, store-bought blocks of roux remain the most popular option for their speediness and ease.
You can find numerous brands of Japanese curry roux in Asian markets and some chain grocery stores with a wide selection, including S&B’s Golden Curry, Vermont, and Torokeru.
These blocks can create a flavorful and hearty meal with a complex balance of spices, sweetness, and mild heat in under 30 minutes, at a relatively low cost.
Simply drop the little squares into a pot of hot water, with cooked meat and vegetables, for an instant curry. This meal can feed five or more people when mixed with rice.