Two bowls of salsa with tortilla chips
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The Store-Bought Salsa Brand Professional Chefs Gravitate Toward
Many pro chefs favor the salsa brand Frontera, which may be of little surprise to some, since the business was started by "Top Chef Masters" winner Rick Bayless.
Bayless co-founded Frontera Foods with Manny Valdes back in 1996, and the company has been making Mexican food products for the consumer market ever since.
Chef Jason Tilford says that roasted chiles and vegetables in Frontera's Roasted Habanero Salsa add an extra dimension of flavor, and he likes its consistency as a dip or topping.
Chef Robert Carr, a fan of Frontera's Jalapeño Cilantro Salsa, also enjoys the roasted vegetables in the sauce. He says it "has a rich, smoky flavor with some heat."
Frontera Foods makes several other types of salsa, including Tomatillo Salsa with serrano chiles and cilantro, and Guajillo Salsa with roasted garlic and tomatillo.