An assortment of cured meats at a market
The Store-Bought Meats That Help Single Grocery Shoppers
Many single people struggle to save money while wasting food. Meats are especially challenging for people cooking for one due to their short shelf life.
Rather than buying fresh meat, consider purchasing cured varieties like bacon, salami, and smoked salmon, which can often last for weeks or months.
Dry-cured meats are loaded with salt and air-dried or smoked, resulting in meat that can stay stable for longer. Prosciutto or serrano ham lasts up to three months in the fridge.
To save some bucks at the grocery store, ask for cured meat at the deli counter. Cured meats work well on sandwiches, in veggie bowls, and on top of pasta.
Keep in mind that cured meat won't last as long once you've opened the packaging or cut through its casing since cutting the meat introduces bacteria and reduces the shelf life.