Meatball sub with toasted bread
The Store-Bought Ingredient You Shouldn't Miss Out On For Meatball Subs
To save time when making meatball subs, get a high-quality jarred red sauce from the store that can simmer so that you can keep your focus on the meatballs.
To avoid jarred sauces with extra preservatives and off-flavors, choose reputable brands like Rao’s Homemade or Whole Foods’ 365, which use quality ingredients.
Add personal touches like balsamic vinegar or olive oil to your jarred sauce to enhance its flavor. You can also add fresh herbs and aromatics like sautéed garlic and onions.
For an added touch (though it isn’t necessary), simmer the meatballs in your sauce after baking or searing them to help the two marry their flavors together.