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The Store-Bought Ingredient Swap For Quicker Mousse
Mousse originated in 18th century France, and its name translates to “foam”, referring to its light texture. Mousse is typically made from a flavored custard base combined with an aerator like whipped cream or egg whites, but no matter which flavor of mousse you're making, you can cut down on prep time with this ingredient swap.
Mousse has an airier consistency and different ingredients than pudding, but these two desserts are so similar in structure that you can still get away with using instant pudding in your mousse recipe. All you have to do is replace the custard base in your mousse recipe with instant vanilla pudding mix for a super-quick twist.
To try this method, prepare the instant vanilla pudding as directed on the box, then chill it thoroughly before folding it into whipped cream or fluffy whipped egg whites. You can add optional flavorings, as well, and your creamy mousse will be ready to eat on by itself or pipe into cakes and parfaits in no time.