Various packets of store-bought burgers
The Store-Bought Burger Brands That Taste Almost As Good As Homemade
Bubba Burgers
The burgers from Bubba Foods, which are uniquely rhomboid shaped rather than square, are created by freezing 100% USDA Choice beef chuck without using any additives.
There's no doubt this is a real beef burger, as your home will smell like a burger joint when it's cooking. Its taste and size of this quality burger is sure to satisfy you.
Holten's Steak Burgers
Holten's Chop House Steak Burgers serve quality meat from T-bones or ribeye steaks that are pre-seasoned with salt, natural flavor, and ground black pepper.
Its certified Angus burgers cook up quickly and easily, with little curling. Filling and satisfying, these burgers taste great with ketchup or you could also eat them naked.
Schweid & Sons
Schweid & Sons offers a variety of burgers, but the most readily available one is the Prime Burger. This burger has a ton of flavor and no additives, just 100% beef.
The satisfyingly tasty burger has a 75-25 ratio of lean to fat and is made with premium cuts of boneless USDA Prime chuck. They come in four-packs but are priced relatively lower.