Bobby Flay posing in the middle of a restaurant
The Store-Bought Barbecue Sauce That Even Bobby Flay Loads Up On
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay and barbecue sauce are a dynamic duo, and he recently revealed he keeps jars of the brand Bone Suckin' Sauce on hand to enhance the flavor of foods.
Bone Suckin' Sauce was developed in the late eighties by a real estate appraiser from North Carolina. It contains a potpourri of aromatic, sweet, and spicy ingredients.
Flay specifically uses Spicy Bone Suckin' Sauce when he makes burgers, spreading 2 tablespoons on each half of the bun before adding jalapeños and some coleslaw.
The brand also offers Bone Suckin' Yaki sauce with real Italian balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. They also have different options to appeal to the barbecue palate.