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The Stirring Mistake That Causes Oily Ganache
Ganache serves as a base for many desserts. However, it can go from smooth and glossy to split and oily in a flash, especially if you make the mistake of over-stirring it.
At its core, ganache is a mixture of ingredients that don't naturally bind, so a lot of stirring is required. Once it is at that point, however, stop stirring immediately.
Over-stirring can cause the chocolate’s oils and fats to separate, making it grainy. Stopping once it’s mixed smoothly lets it begin its natural setting process.
Ganache hardens as it cools; by ceasing stirring, it cools as a cohesive whole without separating. If you over-stirred your ganache, there are ways to fix it.
It might sound counter-intuitive, but you’ll need to continue stirring. The trick is to mix in additional liquid so the chocolate fats have something to emulsify.
Unfortunately, adding more liquid dilutes the ganache somewhat, meaning it won’t be as firm. However, this can still work for things like hot fudge.