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The Step You Shouldn't Skip When Making French Onion Soup
There's nothing better on a cold autumn day than a steaming bowl of French onion soup. This very classic dish has been customized and modified in countless recipes, but most cooks wouldn't dare leave out the crispy, gooey melted cheese on the top of the bowl, and for a truly satisfying soup, you have to do the toppings justice.
First of all, Gruyère is the most traditional and best kind of cheese to use in French onion soup. This Swiss-made cheese has a full-bodied, nutty flavor similar to hard cheeses like Parmesan, but the big difference is that Gruyère melts extremely well; no one wants a hard, oily, barely-melted coat of cheese on top of their soup.
The Kitchn insists that home cooks top their French onion soup with a robust crouton made of crusty bread like sourdough or a baguette; then pile on as much Gruyère as you can before placing your bowl under the broiler. If you can't find real Gruyère, try Emmental ("Swiss") cheese or young Comté, which has a similar flavor and meltability.