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The Step You Need To Start Skipping When Making Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant parmesan is not known for being a light dish, as the sliced eggplant used is typically breaded and fried before being layered with the sauce and rich cheeses. However, if you love eggplant parmesan but have had your fill of oily, overly rich preparations, there's a step you should skip to result in a lighter but just as tasty eggplant dish.
If your eggplant parmesan often turns out greasy and leaden, you can simply go for a lighter preparation that skips breading the eggplant entirely. MyRecipes suggests lightly pan-frying slices of peeled, non-breaded eggplant, which creates a dish that hits all the right notes of eggplant parmesan without the excessive oiliness.
In order to do so, start by layering salted eggplant slices between paper towels and microwaving them for eight minutes, which will draw out some of the eggplant's bitter juices and also par-cook it. Next, go ahead and fry the slices, and then proceed to use the eggplant in your favorite recipe.