roasted, baked mushrooms
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The Step You Can't Forget Before Sautéing Mushrooms
After washing mushrooms, you might think about taking them straight to a hot pan for a good sauté, but you should actually simmer them in salted water first.
A salt water blanching gives mushrooms a springy, almost chewy bite while thoroughly seasoning them. This also helps them to cook more evenly when it's time to sauté.
You can even simmer the mushrooms in the same pan you'll use to sauté. Use just enough water to cover the mushrooms and let it evaporate before adding oil or butter.
You can also feel free to wash the mushrooms thoroughly before cooking. Many cooks will tell you not to expose them to too much water, but they're going to be boiled anyway.
Mushrooms also contain a substance called chitin, which is heat-stable and allows them to maintain their structure, so don’t worry about overcooking them when using this trick.