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The Step You Absolutely Cannot Skip When Making Cream Puffs
The cream puff, or profiterole, is a classic dessert with a spongey, bready exterior and rich, creamy interior. With a luxurious inside and a humble outside, cream puffs make an excellent addition to any dessert menu, but if you’re attempting to bake them at home, make sure not to skip this step.
Cream puffs are made from pâte à choux dough, which requires an attentive cook. According to the Institute of Culinary Education, the most crucial step in making pâte à choux is to cook the dough before you bake it, which will help stretch the gluten molecules and ensure that once the dough puffs in the oven, it will remain puffed.
To cook your dough, heat your butter and water until it comes to a boil, let some water boil off before adding your flour, and stir until you get a mashed potato-like texture. Once the dough is mixed thoroughly, add your eggs one at a time, otherwise, you’ll increase the dough’s moisture content too much and wind up with soggy, limp puffs.