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The Step That Makes Kentucky Bourbon And Tennessee Whiskey Different
Despite both being well-loved American whiskies, you'll likely notice differences in flavor between a bottle of Kentucky bourbon versus Tennessee whiskey. There are a few reasons for this, including differing locations and regulations, but the biggest separator may be the filtration process that Tennessee whiskey must follow.
While Kentucky bourbon can be actually made anywhere in America, Tennessee whiskey must be produced in Tennessee. A certain liquor must also follow a strict set of rules to qualify as bourbon, including at least two years aging in white oak barrels and no additives that could change the flavor or color of the alcohol.
As for rules for Tennessee whiskey, it must be filtered through maple charcoal, a step that helps give a smooth flavor and texture to brands like Jack Daniel's. Using charcoal as a filter can take away nearly a third of branched alcohols and almost half of the ethyl esters from the whiskey, preventing unpleasant, chemical-like aromas.