Steak on black surface with broccoli and other vegetables
The Steak Cuts You Should Pass On During Grilling Season
You might think that virtually any steak would be delicious on the grill, but some cuts need hours of cooking to turn tender, making them unsuited for fast-and-hot cooking methods.
When picking steak for grilling, avoid tougher cuts of meat such as brisket, rump roast, chuck roast, and short ribs, since these aren’t well-suited to a quick char.
If you do want to grill one of these steaks, it’s best to cook it in your oven first for a long time at a low temperature, so the tough collagen breaks down into tender gelatin.
The best cuts for grilling are ones that are already tender with good marbling, which will impart flavor and juiciness to the meat after a short and high-temp cooking.