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The Starbucks Lemonade Switch For A Nostalgic Refreshment
One of the most popular pairings with Starbucks’ iced tea is a pour of lemonade, but you can add a different kind of fruitiness to your tea by adding apple juice instead.
Starbucks keeps its own brand of apple juice stocked year-round. You have the option to add it to almost any order of iced tea, but it pairs particularly well with iced green tea.
The apple juice provides a light and fruity flavor that compliments the mild taste of green tea, and the combo is perfect if you're not in the mood for the acidic kick of citrus.
Not only does this swap make for an equally sweet and refreshing alternative to the classic Arnold Palmer, but it also infuses your iced tea with a delightful dose of nostalgia.
If you do happen to love the taste of lemonade, you can still ask for a splash of apple juice to be added to your order for an extra-fruity version of your go-to iced tea.