Starbucks coffee on the beach in Condado, Puerto Rico
The Starbucks Keychain Trick For A Last-Minute Shot Glass
The lids on Starbucks' keychain tumblers screw off to reveal space inside, making it easy to carry small items like mints or operate as a portable shot glass.
TikTok influencer @CrownMeCutie tested the cup to see if it actually holds liquid and found it can function as a cup, making the knick-knack a portable, stylish shot glass.
The tumbler shot glass would make for a popular, fun conversation starter to pull out at parties and could also function as a good, silly gift to go with a bottle of alcohol.
There are many colors available, and the item is listed on the Starbucks website for $12.95. Instead of being portable, you can also keep it with the rest of your barware at home.