A protein shake
The Starbucks Hack To Get Extra Protein In Your Iced Coffee
To get more protein in your Starbucks iced coffee, try combining your espresso with a pre-made protein shake to create a convenient, caffeinated, and high-protein beverage.
First, pick up a bottle of Koia protein shake, which is sold at most Starbucks locations. Next, order a double shot of espresso with extra ice in a venti cup.
Pour the protein shake into your coffee and stir them together. The coffee will loosen the texture and lend a kick of caffeine, while the shake will subdue the espresso flavor.
The Vanilla Bean and Cacao Bean Koia protein shakes contain 18 grams of protein and a shot of espresso has 1 gram. Mixing a double shot with the shake yields 20 grams of protein.