Hand holding an iced raspberry mocha Starbucks drink
The Starbucks-Approved Method For Making Raspberry Mochas At Home
The secret to recreating Starbucks' indulgent raspberry mochas at home lies in a simple yet irresistible concoction: raspberry jelly or jam mixed with cocoa powder.
To craft raspberry mocha flavoring, start with a dollop of raspberry jelly. The jelly's smooth texture works best, but you can also use jam as long as you strain the seeds.
To strain the jam, pour it through a fine mesh sieve, pressing with the back of a spoon to extract the seeds for smooth raspberry goodness. Next, add a spoonful of cocoa powder.
Add four tablespoons of cocoa powder per half-cup of raspberry jelly, as recommended by Starbucks. Stir the two ingredients until they form a velvety raspberry mocha flavoring.
You can now add a dollop of this delectable concoction to your favorite drinks like hot cocoa, latte, or even black coffee. Then, simply stir well to elevate them to new heights.