BRUNSWICK, ME - JANUARY 5: Christine Burns prepares a cole slaw with homemade dressing in Brunswick, ME on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. (Photo by Whitney Hayward/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)
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The Staple Condiment That Elevates Coleslaw With A Hint Of Sweetness
Coleslaw is a side dish that’s been around for centuries, but is as beloved as ever at BBQs and cookouts, in part due to its room for customization. Cabbage’s neutral flavor plays well with other ingredients, and if you’re looking to give your coleslaw a hint of sweetness, you may want to try adding this condiment to your dressing.
To add a sweet tang to your coleslaw, reach for the ingredient you like to dip your French fries in: ketchup. Rather than overpowering the other ingredients, ketchup works in tandem and creates harmony between flavors that would otherwise be competing against one another, not to mention it contains less calories than mayo.
In Lexington, North Carolina, you can find coleslaw made with a spicy ketchup that not only adds sweetness, but gives the salad a bit of a kick. You’ll also find a number of popular salad dressings that already use ketchup in the base, like Russian and Thousand Island, which can make for a good twist on your regular coleslaw.