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The Squash Variety You Should Try If You Love Mashed Potatoes
Using lower-carb foods in place of starchy ingredients has become a popular culinary trend, such as with cauliflower, a common substitute for rice, pizza crusts, and breadcrumbs. Mashed cauliflower can also be made in place of mashed potatoes, but if you're not convinced, try this squash variety that's far more potato-like.
White acorn squash has a flavor so similar to a potato that it's been dubbed the "mashed potato squash." This starchy vegetable's taste strikes a balance between a sweet potato and a russet potato, with a flavor and texture somewhat similar to a Yukon gold, and it makes for delicious low-carb, high-fiber "mashed potatoes."
White acorn squash's moist interior has little flavor when raw, but when cooked, it develops a soft and starchy texture with nutty undertones and a hint of sweetness. It is far milder and less sweet than other gourds and has an airier texture with less moisture, so when mashed, it turns creamy without being too wet or runny.
White acorn squash has about half the amount of carbohydrates as potatoes, as well as far fewer calories, and it's lower on the glycemic index and is less likely to spike your blood sugar. This squash is also loaded with fiber to help your body better process carbs and everything else that goes into your digestive system.