Roasted coffee beans spilling out from bag
The Splendid Taste Of Congo Coffee Beans Makes Them Worth The Effort To Find
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) isn’t a country you might think of as a huge coffee producer, but it has a long history growing the bean and the end products are a must-try.
Eastern DRC is often referred to as a paradise for coffee. The area’s ideal altitude and rich volcanic soil gives the coffee grown there a complex, coveted flavor profile.
Congolese coffee varies, but typically features a high level of acidity and fruitiness. Many tasters identify notes of tropical fruit, lemon, apple, honey, and chocolate.
DRC’s coffee can be hard to find outside of the country. Due to its struggles with a civil war, coffee production plummeted throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.
However, thanks to interest from the government and outside investors, Congolese coffee exports are enjoying a rebound. This coffee can still be elusive, but a search is worth it.
If you do find Congolese beans, know that high altitude coffee roasts better under high temperatures. Prepare it well and you'll have a cup of joe like no other in the world.