Stuffed bell peppers in tomato sauce
The Spicy Spin On Stuffed Peppers That'll Upgrade Your Weeknight Dinner
If you find the classic version of stuffed peppers too bland, give them a spicy upgrade by switching out bell peppers with banana peppers.
These yellow veggies may be smaller than bell peppers, but they still have room to pack your favorite fillings inside and be eaten for dinner or as a snack.
Flavor-wise, banana peppers offer a spicy, tangy twist on the original without being overpoweringly hot. They also retain a little sweetness.
Pick large, similar-sized banana peppers, and if you want more spice, keep the seeds. Otherwise, cut them in half and remove the insides, or just cut a long slit for the filling.
Stuff as you normally would with meat, cheese, and tomato sauce, or include ingredients like rice, quinoa, beans, corn, zucchini, spinach, minced onion, tomatoes, or carrots.
You can bake them as-is in a baking dish or pour marinara around them to form a casserole. Sprinkle cheese on a few minutes before they're done baking for a bubbly topping.