Bobby Flay in an apron smiling
The Spicy Puree Bobby Flay Adds To Elevate Creamy Potato Salad
Chef Bobby Flay takes traditional potato salad up a notch by adding Southwestern flavors with lime juice, diced tomato, cilantro, cayenne, and chipotle puree.
Though the chipotle puree may not be a traditional potato salad add-in, the heat balances the creamy mayonnaise and cuts through some of its richness.
Chipotles are jalapeños that have been smoked and dried. They're often packed in an acidic, tomato-based sauce called adobo.
Some grocery stores will carry chipotle peppers in adobo or the actual puree in the international aisle. You can also blend a can of chipotles to turn them into a puree.
You'll only need a teaspoon or two of the chipotle puree, just enough for the smokiness to linger on the tongue, because the heat can be intense.