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The Spicy Ingredient That Will Transform Your Sweet Potatoes
Some food pairings are a match made in heaven, and culinary researchers have long been studying how flavors and aromas compliment each other. While the science behind food pairings is quite extensive, it's easy to remember that sweet pairs well with spicy, and you should take advantage of this when making sweet potatoes.
Most of us have tried sweet potatoes paired with even sweeter toppings like marshmallows, but a spicy twist is more exciting. Chef Chris Cho shared a YouTube video where he tops roasted Korean sweet potatoes with kimchi, a spicy pickle made of seasoned and fermented vegetables, and some comments are quite enthusiastic.
While some (like Cho’s significant other) call the Kimchi potatoes "weird," other users say the combo is amazing, with one commenting "BEST SNACK EVER!" Cho uses a Korean sweet potato called goguma in his recipe; if you can't find these, mix together some kimchi and butter for a topping that is delicious on any kind of sweet potato.