Kimchi stew with side dish on table
The Spicy Canned Tuna To Utilize For Shortcut Korean Stew
Kimchi jjigae is a Korean stew flavored with gochujang chili paste, fish sauce, and of course, kimchi. You can cut down on the ingredients list a bit by using canned kimchi tuna.
Many jjigae recipes use tofu and pork, but kimchi tuna creates a spicy seafood twist. The fish is marinated in kimchi sauce, adding a meaty, spicy taste to the stew in an instant.
Many brands of kimchi tuna are available in East Asian markets or online. Popular options include Dongwon Tuna in Kimchi Sauce, available on Amazon, and O'Food Tuna with Kimchi.
To add this fish to your stew, find a recipe that calls for standard canned tuna and simply replace it with kimchi tuna. Add it toward the end, since it doesn't need to be cooked.
Give your stew frequent taste tests before serving. The extra dose of spicy and sour kimchi flavor from the fish can be intense, so you don't want to overseason the jjigae.