Dansk Købenstyle cookware
The Specialized Multi-Purpose Lids Of Dansk Købenstyle Cookware
Dansk Købenstyle enameled steel cookware debuted in 1956, and has remained in hot demand due in part to the brand's unique lids with a characteristic x-shaped handle.
The Dansk Købenstyle lid is a tight cover, with enough space under the handle to lift with a wooden spoon. You don't have to use an oven mitt to lift up the hot lid directly.
The lid also flips over to work as a trivet once cooking is done. Its sturdy, cross-shaped handle also lifts up the pot so it doesn't make direct contact with the counter.
The Dansk Købenstyle lid comes from Danish sculptor Jens Quistgaard, noticed by Dansk founders Ted and Martha Nierenberg for his practical yet artistic blending of wood and steel.
The teakwood handles of the pots don't get hot, and contrast stylishly with the sleek enameled steel of the cookware, whether it be Købenstyle saucepans or butter warmers.
Dansk decided to re-release Købenstyle products to Crate & Barrel in 2012, and in 2021, Food52 purchased the company, which still churns out cookware for sale online.
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