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The Special Method For Creamier Enchiladas
Nothing is better on a chilly day than a plate of warm enchiladas accompanied by a side of rice and beans at your local Mexican restaurant; however, this amazing dish can be recreated at home. Tasting Table recipe developer Kate Shungu shares some tips to make the ultimate creamy, cheesy, and satisfying enchiladas.
Shungu chooses ground beef for the protein, but says, “You could also use ground turkey or shredded chicken." To make the texture extra creamy, Shungu mixes sour cream and salsa and spreads the mixture onto each tortilla, coating the surface completely; she then adds the meat, rolls the tortilla, and places it into the enchilada sauce-coated baking dish.
The creamy element also helps quell the spice of the green chiles that Shungu sautes with the beef and onions. Shungu says store-bought enchilada sauce works great as the bottom only needs a few tablespoons, so you can coat the rest on the top; instead of the traditional rice and beans, she prefers a leafy salad as a side.