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The Special Bubbly Booze For Lavish Strawberry Poke Cake
Few food pairings scream luxury like strawberries and champagne, and by turning this combo into a poke cake, you can enjoy a special dessert while stretching the expensive wine.
A poke cake has holes poked in it, and a flavorful liquid is poured over top so it soaks in. Tasting Table recipe developer Jessica Monroe has a stellar strawberry version.
Monroe's Strawberry Champagne Poke Cake includes champagne in both the cake and strawberry syrup topping, for a light and bright bubbly flavor in a moist and fruity cake.
It's best not to waste your money and instead use a bargain bottle of champagne for this cake. You'll only need about a cup and a half to mix into the batter and make the syrup.
Once baked, cooled, poked, and drizzled with the syrup, the cake is decorated with cream cheese frosting and garnished with sliced strawberries for a truly elegant treat.