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The Sparkling Water With An Unexpectedly High Amount Of Sodium
Sparkling water has become very popular over the past years, thanks to brands like Pellegrino and Perrier, as well as flavored varieties. While carbonated water from natural springs contains minerals and sulfur, some sparkling waters also have added sodium, and there’s one Spanish brand with sky-high sodium levels.
Spain’s most popular sparkling water, Vichy Catalan, contains unexpectedly high amounts of sodium, with a whopping 1,097 milligrams of sodium per liter, according to Fine Water. For comparison, sparkling water brands like San Pellegrino and Topo Chico have around 40 milligrams per liter, and LaCroix has zero.
There are pros and cons to added salt; salt enhances the taste of sparkling water and increases the electrolyte content, which is useful in replenishing fluids after strenuous activity. However, sodium numbers quickly add up, so if you’re watching your sodium intake, it’s best to limit your consumption of sparkling water.